Lignin, alkali, reaction products with formaldehyde and sodium bisulfite

CAS Number: 68512-35-6

As low molecular weight dispersant with moderate levels of sodium sulfate; it is useful in dispersions having low solids content. Commonly used as surfactant and dispersant in pesticide,fungicide, insecticide and herbicide , also it is primarily used as an intermediate in the production of resins and adhesives. The mixture may also have applications in the production of coatings, textiles, and other materials.


AppearanceBrown powder
Disperse power(standard product)95%min
Sodium sulfate5%max
pH (1% water-solution)7-9
calcium and magnesium0.4%max
Insolubles in water0.05%

Performance and use

It may also have applications as a formulation adjuvant in some fungicides. Formulation adjuvants are ingredients that are added to pesticide formulations to enhance their performance, stability, and safety.

Used as a wetting agent in some fungicide formulations, to improve the spreading and coverage of the fungicide on plant surfaces. By reducing the surface tension of the spray solution, can help the fungicide to penetrate and spread evenly on the plant surfaces, which can improve its efficacy against fungal diseases.

However, it is important to note that the use of it in fungicides may vary depending on the specific formulation and active ingredient used. The safety and efficacy of the fungicide formulation should be evaluated based on the specific ingredients and application rates used. Proper safety measures and regulatory guidelines should also be followed when handling and applying fungicides containing it or any other adjuvants.

As dispersing agent for vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, acid staining pad or pigment pad dyeing alos can work as a auxiliaries for vat dyes powder.

In printing and dyeing industry, mainly used in suspension pad dyeing of vat dye, leuco acid dyeing, disperse dyes and solubilised vat dyes dyeing.

Can also be used for silk/wool interwoven fabric dyeing, so that no color on the silk. In the dye industry, mainly used as diffusion additive when manufacturing dispersion and colour lake, used as stabilizing agent of rubber latex, used as a leather auxiliary tanning agent.

Can also be used for silk, wool interwoven fabric dyeing, so that there is no color on the silk.

As dispersant for leather tanning, textile printing and dyeing, pesticides, architecture, ceramics, rubber, paper, oil drilling,electroplating additives,pigment,carbon black


 25kg plastic woven bag with plastic lining.