About Lignin

Lignin is the largest reservoir of aromatic compounds on earth and has great potential to be used in many industrial applications. Alternative methods to produce lignosulfonates from spent sulfite pulping […]

Calcium Lignosulfonate Manufacturing

An insoluble basic calcium lignosulfonate salt has been produced heretofore by treating the waste liquor from the calcium-base acid sulfite process of wood pulping with an excess of lime. Before […]

Lignosulfonate and kraft lignin

The world’s most abundant renewable resource is biomass (wood and nonwood), of which the three main components are cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. In woody biomass, cellulose is the most abundant […]

Sodium lignosulfonate superplasticizer

The effects of sodium lignosulfonate superplasticizer on the hydration of Portland cement Type V have been investigated by XRD and FTIR techniques. The results of these studies indicate that the […]