Sodium Lignosulfonate(Sodium Lignosulphonate)is brown amorphous powder,byproduct of paper pulp industry from sulfite pulping process.Usually used as animal feed additives,industrial binder,dust suppressant,construction admixture water reducer and so on.

CAS No.8061-51-6

Molecular Weight: 534.5 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C20H24Na2O10S2

Main Specification

NameGrade One Grade Two Grade Three
Product Code GAC-NaLS-1 GAC-NaLS-2 GAC-NaLS-3
AppearanceBrown powder Brown 
pH     7.0-9.5 9.0-13.04-7
Dry maters     95%min 95%min 95%min
Water-insoluble     1.5%max 2%max 2%max
      8%min 5%min 8%min
Sulphate     2-5 (%) 0 1-2%
Calcium and 
     0.5max 0.5max 5%around
Lignosulphonate     55%min 60%min50%min
Reducing Sugar     7%max 7%max 10%min
Moisture     7%Max 7%max 7%max

Sodium Lignosulfonate Application

1.Sodium lignosulfonate naturally as binder is used in a wide range of applications. Lignosulfonates is a brown amorphous powder are the salts of lignosulfonic acid which is formed as a by-product when wood pulp is treated by the sulphite method during the manufacturing of paper.When such lignosulfonate become wet its binding capacity will exhibit.So can be used for following industries

  • Coal Briquettes or refinery coke binder
  • Dust suppressants(Dust control agent)and surface stabilizer
  • Ceramics
  • Animal feed pellets

2.Lignosulfonate superplasticizer, is anionic surface active substances, function on the adsorption and dispersion of cement, concrete can improve various physical performance. Reusable dubbed early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent. 

3.Sodium Lignosulfonate be used for the production of plasterboard to reduce the amount of water required to make the stucco flow and form the layer between two sheets of paper. The reduction in water content allows lower kiln temperatures to dry the plasterboard, saving energy.

4.Lignosulphonates could work as a binder of powder and granular materials: for iron ore powder, lead and zinc powder, pulverized coal, coke Toner pressure on the ball; extrusion of cast iron, cast steel sand repression; mud-brick wall and floor tiles molding; mineral aggregate into a ball and provides high strength, good stability, lubrication and mold good results.


  1. 25kgs or 25kgs woven bags with liner inside,
  2. According to Customers’requirement