Sodium Lignohumate is in black powder and flake form,soluble in water. Usually used as raw material in animal feed,industrial binder,polluted water treatment.

Main Specification

Name Sodium Lignohumate
Product Code GAC-NaLSHA
Appearance Black Powder or Flake
pH 9-10
Dry maters 95%min
Water-insoluble 1.5%max
Lignohumate  70%min
Moisture  15%min


1.For industry

Coal Briquettes or refinery coke binder or ceramics binder.

2.For feed additive
Firstly could affect the animal growth digestion, could supply natural soluble carbohydrate,

Crucial for the metabolizable energy.

Live stock and poultry can be improved eating resistance, particle strength,

reduce the amount of feed powder, also reduce anti back ratio and cost.


1.25kgs woven bags with liner inside

2.According Requirement