Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium Lignosulfonate is water soluble brown powder,insoluble in organic solvents, derived from lignin. Molecular weight in the range of 40,000 to 65,000 with greater than 90% ranging from 1,000 to 250,000, with chemical property of dispersing, binding, complexing.Used in following:

  1. Dispersing agent in concrete ,
  2. Extender for tanning agents,
  3. Ore flotation agents,
  4. Production of vanillin,
  5. Industrial cleaners,
  6. Gypsum slurried,
  7. Dyestuffs,
  8. Pesticide formulations,

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Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate(Sodium Lignosulphonate) is brown amorphous powder,by product of paper industry from sulfite pulping process.Usually used as  animal feed additives,industrial binder,dust suppressant,construction admixture water reducer and so on.

Sodium lignosulfonate’s famous property is binder is used in a wide range of applications. Lignosulfonates is a brown amorphous powder are the salts of lignosulfonic acid which is formed as a by-product when wood pulp is treated by the sulphite method during the manufacturing of paper.

When sodium lignosulfonate become wet its binding capacity will exhibit.

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Magnesium Lignosulfonate

Magnesium lignosulfonate is produced from softwood in the sulfite pulping method for manufacturing
paper,is an amorphous brown powder,soluble in water.

The organic framework is a sulfonated random polymer of three aromaticalcohols: coniferyl alcohol, p-coumaryl alcohol, and sinapyl alcohol, of which coniferyl alcohol is the principle unit. Has a weight-average molecular weight range of 40,000 to 65,000.

The usefulness of commercial lignosulfonate products comes from their dispersing, binding, complexing, and emulsifying properties.

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Pure lignin is black brown powder not water soluble,with pH4-7.

Main Specification

Name Lignin
Product Code  GAC-L
Appearance Black  Brown powder
pH      4-7
Water-soluble       0
Moisture      20%


  1. 20kgs or 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  2. According to Customers’requirement


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Potassium Lignosulfonate

Potassium Lignosulfonate is soluble power,can be used as drip irrigation and spray in agriculture,also can be used as animal feed additives.With effect to stimulate plants growth,optimize nutrients absorption and increase harvest,improve fruits taste and so on. In Agriculture with following effect

  1. Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.
  2. Increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil and facilitates nutrient absorption
  3. Great source of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.
  4. Improves aeration of soil and water retention in heavy and compact soils.
  5. Prevents water and nutrient losses in light sandy soils.


Ammonium Lignosulfonate

Ammonium Lignosulfonate is water soluble yellow brown powder,is mainly used agriculture as irrigation and spray fertilizer.Can supply organic plants source TE,Bio fulvic acid,Ammonium ,potassium .

1.Bio Fulvic acid can stimulate cell division and increase permeability of membrane to increase plants growth through magnified absorption of a group of micro nutrient by strong root system.

2.Fulvic acid have a very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When humic acids and/or fulvic acids are applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth.

3.Fulvic acids are excellent foliar fertiliser carriers and activators. Their application in combination with trace elements and other plant nutrients, as foliar sprays, can improve the growth of plant foliage, roots, and fruits


About Us

GREEN AGROCHEM-LIGNIN is specilized in lignin,sodium lignosulfonate,potassium lignosulfonate,super sodium lignosulfonate,ammonium lignosulfonate,calcium lignosulfonate,magnesium lignosulfonate,ferrochrome lignosulfonate,chrome lignosulfonate,chrome free lignosulfonate .We focus on lignosulfonate R&D and marketing since 2008.As following industries:

  • Agriculture

Largely promote the buffering power and fertility of soil by improving the structure.Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil to release the beneficial metal ions, thus promote absorption by plants.Forster proper environment for soil microbial mass.

  • Coal Briquettes or refinery coke binder

In coal industry and refinery coke ,there always a lot of powder hard to handle,if put them directly into use lower heating energy ,Lignosulfonate could help to bind them into regular size  convert the powder into large easy to use.Usually we mix some water and 3-5% of lignosulfonate of the total mixture the end product moisture is control less than 7%.