Ammonium Lignosulfonate is water soluble yellow brown powder,is mainly used agriculture as irrigation and spray fertilizer.Can supply organic plants source TE,Bio fulvic acid,Ammonium ,potassium .

Ammonium Lignosulfonate Specification

NameAmmonium Lignosulfonate
Product CodeGAC-NHLS
AppearanceYellow Brown powder
Dry maters95%min
Calcium and magnesium2%min
Total reducing matter7%
Density0. 532g/cm3
Total nitrogen3%-5%


In Agriculture

1.Ammonium Lignosulfonate an stimulate cell division and increase permeability of membrane to increase plants growth through magnified absorption of a group of micro nutrient by strong root system.

2.Ammonium Lignosulfonate have a very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When Ammonium Lignosulfonate applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth.

3.Ammonium Lignosulfonate are excellent foliar fertiliser carriers and activators. Their application in combination with trace elements and other plant nutrients, as foliar sprays, can improve the growth of plant foliage, roots, and fruits.


1.Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight,
2.Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.