Calcium Lignosulfonate is water soluble brown powder,insoluble in organic solvents, derived from lignin. Molecular weight in the range of 40,000 to 65,000 with greater than 90% ranging from 1,000 to
250,000, with chemical property of dispersing, binding, complexing, and emulsifying .

Main Specification



Calcium Lignosulphonate

Grade One

Calcium lignosulfonate

Grade Two

Calcium lignosulfonate

Grade Three

 Product code GAC-CaLS-1 GAC-CaLS-2 GAC-CaLS-3
Appearance Light Yellow Powder Yellow Brown Powder Yellow Brown Powder
 Solubility 98.5%min 98%min 97.5%min
Lignosulphonate 55%min 50%min 50%min
Sulphate 2%min 2%min 2%min
Water Reducing Capacity 12%min 5%min 8%min
Reducing Sugar 7%around 7%around 7%around
 Total Calcium and Magnesium 5-8% 5-8% 5-6%
 pH 7-9.5 9.0-13.0 4-7
Moisture 7%max 7%max 7%max


  1. Dispersing agent in concrete and carbon black-rubber mixes,
  2. Extender for tanning agents,
  3. Oil-well drilling mudadditives,
  4. Ore flotation agents,
  5. Production of vanillin,
  6. Industrial cleaners,
  7. Gypsum slurried,
  8. Dyestuffs,
  9. Pesticide formulations,
  10. water reducing agent of concrete.


  1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  2. 2According Customers’requirement