Calcium Lignosulfonate and its details

Calcium lignosulfonate belongs to the class of organic compounds known as lignans, neolignans and related compounds. These are plant products of low molecular weight formed primarily from oxidative coupling of […]

Sodium Lignosulfonate(COA) Certificate of Analysis

CERTIFICATE OF ANAYLYSIS      Specification  Test Result Name   Sodium  lignosulphonate grade one Appearance      Yellow color  Yellow color Product Code      GAC-NaLS-1 GAC-NaLS-1 Water-insoluble matter      1.5%max  0.16% Lignosulphonate      55%min  57.21% Sugar      Around 7% […]

Calcium Lignosulfonate Fertilizer

Calcium Lignosulfonate (CaLS) Fertilizer raw material is a waste by-product of pulp and paper industry with a high nitrogen and carbon content and has the potential to be used as […]

Lignosulfonate Application

By nature, lignosulfonate is binder,dispersing agent,emulsifier and water reducing agent,which decisive for the multi-functional application in different industry. 1.Binder. Lignosulfonate can be used in Coal Briquettes or refinery coke binder,mix […]


What are lignosulfonates and where do they come from? Lignosulfonates are complex polymers derived from trees. The wood from trees is composed mainly of three macromolecular components – cellulose, hemicellulose […]