Calcium Lignosulfonate (CaLS) Fertilizer raw material is a waste by-product of pulp and paper industry with a high nitrogen and carbon content and has the potential to be used as a organic matter in soils. The addition of organic materials to soil invariably alters soil microbiology.

Those organisms that can utilize the energy of the incorporated organic product increase in populations. Under ideal conditions the microorganisms that grow are either directly beneficial to plant growth or are indirectly beneficial, in that they displace detrimental organisms such as plant pathogens.

Therefore, soil health can be manipulated by , it the right substrate. We have been studying the effects of CaLS on soil microbial populations and control of Verticillium wilt and potato scab.

The main function of Calcium lignosulfonate Fertilizer as follow

1.using Calcium lignosulfonate as foliar fertilizer synergist solve the organic chelating and antioxidant capacity of divalent iron , its solution is oxidized store growth period .

2. Increased the foliar surface activity and penetration , enhanced adhesion and rapid plant foliar absorption

3. Calcium lignosulfonate Fertilizer improves foliar fat and more nutrients to function, especially humic acids , amino acids, organic high calcium content of plant calcium supplement nutrients have a significant effect

4 .Calcium lignosulfonate Fertilizer , can increase nutrients and trace elements physiological activity and operating efficiency , due to the small molecular weight B -type products , and more active groups , and have a strong affinity chelating power and form a water-insoluble organic chelates , for operation with the absorption of nutrients have strong physiological functions and biological activity.