lignosulfonates for Animal Health

lignosulfonates are plant material originating from a period which pre-dates the dinosaurs. The dark powder contains the dense mineral component which characterised those ancient plants. It also contains the amino acids and many of the other beneficial phytochemicals from that original plant matter. lignosulfonates have proven invaluable as a soil additive where their multi-faceted benefits include detoxification, chelation, enhanced nutrient and water storage, plant growth promotion and powerful biological promotion. In fact, lignosulfonates are arguably the single most effective soil regenerator available, and their rapidly increasing popularity throughout the world is testimony to their potential.

Chemicals Expose Fragility

The Chinese have pioneered the use of lignosulfonates in agriculture, although the Russians have also conducted extensive research in this field. In China, a sustainable agricultural system, involving the feeding and nurturing of highly productive soils, had existed for three thousand years. In the 20th century the communist government promoted the introduction of chemical fertilisers which rapidly exposed the fragility of these soils. lignosulfonates were researched and introduced on a large scale to counteract the effects of chemical fertilisers. lignosulfonates stabilise and buffer the leaching and burning associated with these artificial fertilisers and they also magnify their beneficial effect.